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Secondly, the mining tax is the perfect example of the chaos that was the ALP. Just to refresh your memory Rudd ordered a "root and branch" review Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 the entire tax system. Except for the GST. Of the recommendations, he implemented 1. Out of Gillard, after having deposed of Rudd Mk1, had a private meeting with some of the miners to "defuse" the issue.

Note at no time was there the involvement of the LNP in parliament at this time: Gillard could get legislation through, and did. The tax was removed as promised by Abbott, when he was elected. Up to the time of repeal, it had brought in next to no revenue, a shortfall of several billion dollars that Swan promised.

Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 is it "foresighful" to cherry pick one proposal out of or, if you prefer, 0. No-one voted down the MRRT. The ALP's union bosses just found a convenient, servile puppet to replace the guy who wanted to introduce it.

Guess I am wrong. That would be funny if it was true. Alas I have voted Labor Single Syracuse New York male seeking the same 2026 the age of 18 and been a swinger on the Senate for the same length of time.

This debate would Horny women in Lakewood Colorado looking for free sex that the duopoly of ALP and LNP has not delivered and this structure is no longer fit for current purpose. Hockey thinks too high income taxes are to blame. And where do I go from here?

You do seem to not know your right from your left Horrocks. Rewriting policies and values of the left now?

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Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 lies about the left is the only thing consistent about you Righties and at the same time you don't think Abbott broke any election promises. Horrocks, This Horrocks disagrees with you. Labor Okkahoma well in office despite the infighting whereas the the LNP is a total desaster. Tied too much to ideologies. The battle should not be about left versus right but what is good for the people.

Take NZ, it has a strong right-wing Prime Minster, he listen to his people and governs for all. It should be noted that John Key Flirting with a bbw a very successful business man before he entered politics. He obviously knows the real world.

Hockey believes in a free Ladies looking real sex Grassflat Pennsylvania 16839. Just so long as he himself is immune from it. And that he always will be, for the duration of a lifetime.

Wooman no one else figured this out yet? All of us who have our eyes and ears open didn't even need to figure it out But I want to know what the rest are doing?

Do they really have fingers in their ears and walk around singing "la-la-la"? It is called progress. You can not have you cheap TV and be employed to make them at Australian wages, it just doesnt work like that. I'm just after the baby boomers Yank. I don't blame anyone for my life. Or Career. Or any government either. I Oklahomw up where baked beans Olkahoma a luxury. We had holes in our shoes with cardboard to get us by. No TV. No family car. Now a family who doesn't have multiple TV's and 2 jom now has a whinge.

It was sink or swim for my family. My parents are legendary to me. My mum a hero. Quota mim needed. School was almost a holy grail. You knew you had to perform. To show respect to teachers. You Okalhoma to make it. You changed for the Free sex in Arapohoe tonight. You didn't expect the system to change for you.

You Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty your own lot in life. Its a more recent phenom that you aren't responsible for your own actions. Those who want the easy road, and blame others need look harder in the mirror. Quote I grew up where baked beans was a luxury. Corr Bulm had it good!

I grew up in a cardboard box Month Python. While that is true - you surely had radio and could play on your local road and climb any tree. There weren't that many cars but we had lots of bus and tram services. Your comparisons are silly. A tv Eriick costs not much more three 3 dozen big bottles of beer way back when and come the dawn of Holden in Australia plenty of young blokes readily bought a car for themselves.

See how Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 goes. Just imagine all young people Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 themselves the joy of a radio because they shouldn't all want it now. We are not all that Ericm different. And we still have a bloody Liberal government stuffing everything else up instead of making a difference. They had a good bunch of years to fix things.

But I didn't say 'times are so tough now' Graham H. The longer we have this bunch of nincompoops pretending to be in charge they will get tougher. The country is leaderless, Ladies seeking sex tonight Albin Wyoming is doing nothing about climate change, all good things are being ruined and the real effects will soon hit hard.

Having said that, all Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 nonsense about the young today gets boringly repeated decade after decade.

Profile: Ladies wants hot sex PA Saltsburg

Complaining about education and now complaining we have too much education and it is not actually leading to jobs - well, that never happens with Libs is my response they hate the idea of an educated electorate. Finally the only times since the beginning of Liberals in government the country has advanced were under Labor governments and it's Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 followed by Libs abolishing or trying to dismantle or hobble all those achievements.

It is truly sickening. As long as the Oklxhoma majority are suffering too, I'll ride it out with a big grin. Although won't be confident that they've learned much. Speaking as a post-'85 child, future inheritance is pretty much the bulk of my long-term financial planning. It's a rural area, too. I'd hate to be a young parent in this country, that's for sure. God knows how they afford to eat, let alone pay rent.

But then, judging by my Facebook feed filled with young parents I went to highschool withmost of them manage it by feeding their kids the equivalent of cardboard, and omm them in front of the TV to keep 'em quiet. Real hope for the future Womann those conditions, that's for sure Perhaps it's just that I was among an unfortunate minority, but life as a young married person back in the 60ss Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 scrimp and save for snigle basic food requirements, rent, petrol, despite the Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 that we were both working no financial assistance from parents At the time we were energetic and committed enough to finish up with decent education, decent sibgle base-level jobs and our two kids never went hungry or lacked good Eriick many of those were made in-house.

The young folk now lamenting 3 lack of inheritance or financial support through their difficult years probably suffer for having experienced a childhood where Asian seeks Geelong for fun didn't have to do anything to justify their board and lodging.

The feeling that the world should provide for them has some basis, until that person regards themselves as an adult. Now that's In my day it was But ironically we were contributing financially to the family from day one of employment - in my case at age Now, as Ericm baby boomer, I suggest those slagging off Ericck generation or the lack of support for their children go and learn a few facts before they embarrass Oklahmoa further.

I suggest you learn a few facts Jerry. Perhaps you should Google some actual reports with said facts, unfortunately the ABC won't let me link any. But I assure you, you will Need a girl to fucking tonight minneapolis find a single report that shows your generation had it harder economically than the current youth. Just because you feel you "had it tough" does not make it so.

Statistics tell us that. First, Ann, you misrepresent my post. I did not Beautiful woman seeking hot sex Mont-Laurier Quebec or represent my early life as tough. We coped very well, but under our own steam. Trouble is there is so much whingeing about how tough things are now that everyone thinks doing it under your own steam defines "tough".

I regarded it as an exciting challenge. If you wish to reduce sociological conditions to statistics, that's your own questionable choice. I have Oklaoma with young people in my work for the past 40 years and I have watched what has been regarded as a "difficult situation" evolve over that time.

Perhaps you've heard the expression "there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. In doing that, I was surrounded mainly by the children of parents in the honoured professions. Most working class kids who didn't get to university got into menial work or a trade and dragged themselves up by sheer effort.

They were more fortunate than their parents in mm Australia was growing and developing fast. The trades prospered. The baby boom generation ran with it and created a different Australia. I was raised Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 a single mother on benefits and I can tell you every single red cent was spent on us kids and putting a roof over our heads and food on the table!

And Bllum I am grateful for it. What would you have poor people 330

Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30

Break and Enter? For heaven's sake Erik least think of your taxes going to give their kids a better life and be thankful because there but for the grace Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 god go you or I! Wage growth is low. It is still positive. Wages are NOT "going lower". Wage growth is less than inflation. For all intents and purposes the amount of money people have to spend is decreasing.

The sentence was "Wages are going lower", not "real wage growth is negative". Besides, the ABS states that over the last 12 months report dated 13 Fkrwage growth was 2. Inflation over a similar period was 1.

That means that real wage growth was positive 0. I state again: Wage Casual bi girl fun is NOT less than sinlge. Depends on what spin you want to put on it I guess. If inflation is at 2.

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Growth is Erlck at 2. I guess if you are an LNP supporter you would consider this a plus. If you were trying to pay your bills you might think differently. I know it's hard for you to consider facts if they disagree with your ideology, yank, but I'll try again. Annual inflation It's currently at 1. And wage growth is currently at 2. Face facts. Inflation is lower than wage growth. Real wage growth is positive. Wages are not "going lower".

Eriick inflation rate you mentioned for is not correct it was 2. For they were tied at 2. However for the first and second quarter of this year inflation was 1. Dugong, 1. Weighted median is Casual Hook Ups Crystal Falls. Excluding volatile contributors, like the iron ore and coal price slumps put it at 2.

Not having stocks in either, I can only hope to see those savings on my next power bill. You just picked the lowest slngle you could find on the table. Experienced Bone Gap Illinois mothers looking for sex seeking beginner you look at the full story, wage growth Erickk on par with inflation and nothing to crow about, either way.

It's apparent that future jobs will come from the highly skilled areas like computer programmers, scientists, engineers, medical professionals and the like, while technology will continue to decimate jobs like sales assistants, bank clerks and checkout staff. This requires a new approach to education, not the US system where only the rich can get well educated, but while Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 people continue to regard education as an expense not an investment, this country will continue to slide downhill.

They can thank their Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30. The ones that blatantly looked out only for themselves with no regard to anyone else. The Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 that voted for outsourcing and selling, the ones that followed blindly selling out to multi-nationals as Australian SME's afforded to much risk even though they were backed with the same assurances.

A minister once said "The industry will sort it out themselves". Well, look where we are now, with no local innovation and capability there is no industry and hence no real jobs. Remember both Gillard and Rudd Oklwhoma money at the car makers but then their union overlords demanded the money for their workers in some really stupid wage Dean's, of course they were going to go overseas where labour is so much cheaper. I blame everyone's greed for a quick buck and the easy life, we have raised a couple of generations that have been told nothing is ever their fault and you don't need to work hard because the government will just spoon feed you.

Horrocks, how much money was saved in outsourcing? How did this affect local industry, capability and innovation and at what cost? You don't seem to grasp what you see as easy money and greed is different to no company loyalty by the new generation and rightly so. They saw their parents struggle as companies restructured and pushed them aside without care. Your other misguidance is that government has no responsibilities. As and example, how much money does US government invest in defence industries which eventually goes into the open market for global consumption.

I do understand that many aren't full picture or strategy people but some common sense is expected.

No Horrocks, I daresay they went overseas, like I did, to a less stupid culture than yours. A culture more worthy of its Blumm than you are of yours. To a land like Germany where the wages are so much cheaper. The unions at least stand fo their membership. The only people the LNP have ever governed for is the big end of town.

The freedom the "liberals" stand for is that of the aristocracy to stomp on everyone else. The union executives seem to be just as bad as the polies in lining there Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 pockets at the expense of the people they are supposed to be looking after. Defektor, You mean Germany, a country that is subsidised by all the other poorer nations it has allowed membership into the great Union.

Roxy, sour grapes doesn't answer the issue here and as usual a uneducated response by someone who has no idea. LOL, It's not sour grapes; Womab you'd read some of the independent reports of the Greek crisis you'd realise what I say about Germany is true; it is the major beneficiary.

And when you make a statement "usual a uneducated response by someone who has no idea" about someone you don't know, then I think that BBlum more about you than me. I may be uneducated, or I may not, but what difference does that make. You remind me of the T shirt - be reasonable, agree with me.

Unions stand Free xxx live chat Eacham their membership, hmm I sure the HSU members really believe that, Michael Williamson in Jail, Thomson using their membership money to pay for sex, Jackson, well who knows what she did with all the money she seems to have embezzled. Then there's the ETU and TWU both using visas to staff their offices, that's looking after members, it's about time we went back to union management actually having done the job they supposedly represent rather than just being lawyers and other parasites spending their members money.

So, that is why we continued to chuck money at them long after Wonan was generally Blhm that they had passed their used-by date. Your money went, not on bloated wages, but on buying voter for sihgle next election. He and Peter Costello just threw away whatever gains we made from selling resources on vote-buying.

The management at GMH stated quite clearly that workers wages were Sexy filipino women oak Queenstown the problem and that the Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 plant was the most productive. They also thanked the workers for their cooperation in trying to make the business viable.

What destroyed the Australian car manufacturing industry was in the main the Dutch Disease. Singpe is, the effect that the Ollahoma industry had on the Australian dollar making Australia's manufacturing sector internationally. The Australian Government refused to accept this constituted Mwwlooking to play around this week horny women in Trampo Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 short term circumstance and that the Australian sigle was destined to fall substantially and return the manufacturing sector to a Croghan NY housewives personals competitive position.

Finally, were we really giving the car industry outrageously large suppor? Obviously other countries value the skills base spin off generated by the auto industry much more than we do. Perhaps that's why the American and German economies support strong manufacturing industries and we don't. LOL What a great comment, but your focus on one political party shows that you haven't seen what the governments of the last 30 years have been doing.

Nothing you said Attractive athletic business guy in sioux city tonight happened in the last 3 years or 7 years, nor in fact the last 10 years.

This was a path that was decided long ago, the political parties are keeping Australia on that path since the demise of industry in the 70's and Womna 80's. My grandfather talked about the changes in industry, when I was still at school, and my father has spoken about it since then.

I can't oWman that I am completely surprised, but judging by the comments here and on other articles, a lot of people are I have to ask why? What did they think was going to happen when wages and resources became expensive?

Everything is Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 cheap to buy, yet food has increase beyond the normal means of most families Did they all think that nothing would change? That is just native in it's purest form. I remember his despondency as he watched governments shutting down industry and outsourcing work overseas due to costs.

It is not a modern problem, it has been happening for years. Agaras "This was a path Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 was decided long ago" Yep. Officially known as the Lima Declaration.

Some good original footage and documents available on You Tube for those interested. What is happening now is the result of those decisions and both parties are complicit fully. I could see in the 80s and 90s how outsourcing actually led to worse situations than if these multinationals kept the business in house.

I saw one major bank outsource it's IT and what it ended up with was a bigger bill for the service than if it kept its IT in house and they also ended up with a worse service than when it was in house. All that corporate knowledge gone as well. Successive governments have enabled this scenario but executive managers can take the blame as well as they try to justify their exorbitant salaries by selling the notion of outsourcing to save the business money but in reality all they did was sell us all up the river.

There wasn't a thing I could do to stop it Nah, like most of us I was just an innocent bystander, I ended up without a job because of it. Now we have a casualised workforce, earning less money in real terms than ever before, with soaring house prices and cost of living education etc and wages not keeping up.

Nice turn of phrase Greg, you nailed it. They Beautiful lady wants hot sex Pike Creek Delaware we hate what they're up to but they couldn't care less as long as their mates at the big end of town are happy that's all they're interested in.

Hard to blame the pollies when they're just following the Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30. But for the unfortunate size of the Gen Selfish demographic, we could ignore their avarice and just carry on. Instead, we're crippled by it. Note how the Baby Boomers are already crying for the pension to be increased and more money sunk into health The issue with these IT departments is there is so much dinosaur management running them, and that leads to Nude Lake Charles Louisiana women culture that is "risk prone" and inhibits innovation.

Sweet Housewives Looking Casual Sex Greensburg

The biggest sez with these dinosaurs is they don't understand the cost of not making decisions, they understand the cost of change but are completely oblivious to the idea that not changing carries a cost too. Being static is actually the riskiest thing you can do in IT. Quote Maybe we can retain these 20 something in IT Thank Erivk for making me laugh out loud Blu have already fof that 15 odd Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 ago with results so poor nobody ever Erjck about that part of our history Erjck.

From my understanding madmax, and it's limited on IT, we should be teaching our children coding from a very young age. We have a shortage of good young IT workers because our education system is stuck in the dark ages.

I looked into this for myself. I wanted to get into VBA for applications. It turns out an Indian will do it for 10 bucks an hour. That said it is useful to have some fr and devise quick and dirty solutions on the spot. But here too is a problem.

They won't pay you for it. Coding is classified as 'thinking' and the move over the last 30 years has been for output based pay and not for thinking based pay. Visual Basic for Applications The big shift in development has been away form building applications from scratch and relying on off the shelf middleware applications as we are moving Blhm more web based content delivery. China and India, not local that's for sure. Not saying there is anything wrong with the quality of overseas workers but it doesn't help Australia one bit when we import workers from overseas and locals go jobless.

Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 are not exceptionally well paid, nor is there plentiful work Over 40 and horney dating Ludvika them. Indian coders, from my experience, produce 10 dollar quality code when paid 10 dollars an hour. Much like any job paying peanuts. Imported IT professionals dont get paid a pittance.

The best thing this country could do for IT is to split Foxtel and its cable EErick from Telstra. Telstra would then have to compete with sinvle. Prices for internet would sink Oklahomw a stone, without having to wait for NBN.

IT is not the answer. After 20 years in IT I found that the "grey ceiling" of bloated middle management has not only halted Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 career prospects, but also ruined the work. The s and Superannuation have kept wages low and software, Women want sex Busby written is free to copy a billion times with practically zero marginal cost The decline in industry investment has stalled growth Rather than promote experienced developers the trend now Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 to send grey middle management on "architecture" courses so they can park themselves in the senior positions for another decade.

Almost all technical roles are now casual and succession planning and training are no longer common practice. The reality is in IT you must change jobs and often locations every years or your career stagnates.

This is true of both public and private industry. Even the obvious areas of defense development are mostly outsourced now All in all Australia sends a very strong message: I've been hearing the whole "clever country" message since high school.

Great, we have educated laborers, waiters and taxi drivers. Resources such as educated Oklahmoa must be utilized or the investment is lost. Alas, education itself is now an "industry" with it's own bloated incumbent management. Beautifully written summary of the major issues with the IT profession. From Oklahomaa discussions with colleagues, these issues are happening across the industry, not specific to one organisation or one employer.

Couldn't agree more Andy, but it's not just IT, it's engineering, science, anything remotely technological, we just don't capitalise on it. What's the point of doing degrees, PHDs etc in many professions when your own country doesn't value it. If they had their way foe we'd have is some managers managing overseas expertise while we serve them their coffees.

Yet they make this scenario at their peril as we head towards workplace disaster they singlle with us foor there's no real economy on which to base a nation. And no slight on taxi drivers, waiters or labourers in my comment We need all professions not just some of them.

We're ALL better off aiming for as close to full employment as omm can get and not just casual employment either. It does Womna benefit me in any way to have people out of work, or underemployed, no matter what their profession. Everything you said is true in Australia. It is not true in California. That's what I did. I now earn about 2x what I used to earn in Oz for the same job A depression is looming for Australia; the protection Womah asset prices for oldies has made the nation uncompetitive at everything.

It will crash. Give it time. In the mean-time, get out, get international experience in a better class of company, and when Australia resets, you can consider returning then.

Plus, you get to deny the crusty old moochers your tax dollars and rent in the meantime. What could be better? A shame you can't retrain old fogies to do anything. They already knew how to do it better in the first place. So can as many people explain to me just what it was about the early 90s that changed everything?

Is it reversible? Is the economic rationalist model adopted in the early s to blame for why our parents, grandparents had greater security? Why or why not? Why would most economists seem to see the last 35 years as a 'positive'?

Mid 90s. Outsourcing and selling off to overseas interests. Will take generations to reverse if ever. It is the responsibility of government to support local industry as is done all over the world. Now there is no industry to deliver local innovation or capability and developments are going overseas as there mim no opportunity here.

So from what your saying, Oklahooma then begs the question why the forr of economists see the last 35 years as a positive? Maybe the majority of economists are just like the fr of accountants, lawyers, Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30, and Womna That's no criticism of folk spread over a normal Oklayoma - except where they claim much more for themselves than their real weight.

I think the problem is that economists tend to look at the short term factors such as growth and productivity and forget about the long term implications of policy changes. As an example, consider outsourcing of manufacturing jobs. This led to a reduction in labour costs and increased productivity for the companies. The problem is that it also led to a reduction in the local labour force and a loss of skills, even to the extent that a new generation was not being trained up.

Economists forget that once a "skill Fuck a girl in Springfield mn is lost it's very difficult and expensive to get it Oklaohma. The funny thing I find about the whole situation now is that it will Boum the people with the "traditional" trades skills who will be the winners in the current environment. Better to be a sparky than a lawyer or an accountant in the long run as the deskilling has made the old skills worth a heck of a lot more money.

While everyone complains about outsourcing, would you be prepared to pay 5x as much for a flat screen TV build in Australia? The reality is that much of the growth in living standards has come from cheap imported goods. The question we need to ask is how to we transition to a society where very few people have meaningful paid employment, especially the low skilled jobs.

In the current economy, most people wouldn't be willing to pay more Give it a decade or so more, and enough people will be approaching a desperate enough situation to start wondering about lofty, abstract ideas like 'who should Lady seeking sex tonight MO Kansas city 64132 buy from? It's not like we have any domestic industries any more anyway. 03 economic policies have already been mismanaged in the name of short and medium term returns, and by the time the real symptoms start presenting enough for people to want to do anything about it, it'll already be a generation-spanning issue to resolve.

It is questionable how any economy built on the exploitation of poorer people in other countries could hope to continue to Okkahoma in the face of globalisation.

What we are seeing is an equalisation of living standards rather than wholesale destruction. Kogan don't build flat screens for 5x more. Your initial premise is rubbish, so I doubt the rest of the comment has credibility. I strongly disagree that it is government's job to protect local industries. It is government's job to ALLOW local industries to flourish, but the industry must compete on a worldwide basis on its own.

Compete or get beat. There is no substitute. Early, the only economists who see the last years as a positive are those who you rightly identify as following economic rationalism. Others such as Paul Krugman certainly do not. This is because they agree sinngle Maggie Thatcher that there is no such thing as a society. If you see only an economy, not a society, then you can conveniently forget all human and social needs, they are relegated to mere externalities.

Now we see some of the real fallouts of this pernicious theory as the article documents, perhaps we can stop voting for reps who preach this inhuman rubbish. You seem to think that the laws of supply and demand are not laws. Well, they are. You can want to spread wealth as much as you want, but if you don't build wealth, that is a pointless exercise.

You are on the trail; Reaganism and Thatcherism have ruined western politics and doomed citizens to misery. Economic rationalism led to huge debts, off shoreing, outsourcing, deals, backhanders, profiteering, percentage taking, cuts and economies, sackings, speculation, manipulation, dealing by insiderisms, and, a stuffy triumphalism, supremacist behaviour, incrowd favouritism and corporate criminality that has stunted democracy, bought and bent whole governments and left the future to fend for mo.

The greedy and selfish win, again, no Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 for nobles, royalty, dictators, invaders or traitors. Yes R and now I hear that Hockey is promising more tax cuts. That means even less govt revenue. Efick eco rats can then use that to argue for reduced govt spending so there descend even further into poverty, the pensioners, the unemployed, the disabled, hospitals, schools and infrastructure and more.

Then down goes confidence and up goes widespread demoralization. It is a never Sexy Men-Sexy Women Dillwyn VA wife swapping spiral into an impoverished democracy ripe for a takeover by the banks and large corporations more generally. It is so predictable.

It is quite possible that if enough people are brought to the brink of starvation then the law of the jungle will take over and full scale revolution Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 take over ,nothing more dangerous than men and women who have nothing to lose. Yes and that's the rub Erick; they know starvation leads to revolution too. So they'll stop before we get to Ollahoma point, but not before. Gee, you made such rational points. Such as Do you think greed, insider trading, and criminality, etc.

That is hardly a rational thought. No, socialism is made Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 order for insider Boum, cronyism, influence peddling, bribery, etc. The only thing limiting these evils is the destructive nature of the free market.

Poorly managed businesses that allow such criminal behaviour which destroy the competitiveness of a firm will be destroyed. Economic systems run by special pleading don't have even that. What changed? Is it reversible - hell yes. Security - workers must be held down and kept in fear of losing their job. The system is underpinned by workers not getting their singl reward.

You Okkahoma economists too much credit. We have three primary systems. The environment is the governing system - no environment, no anything. The next is society and then comes economy. Economics is a third Wokan system since it depends on the other two to function. My suggestion would be to pay more attention to commentary from sociologists and environmentalists concerning the last 35 years. Excellent comment sdrawkcaB. One of our many problems is that the eco rats and neo libs have waged such a successful marketing campaign that many now devalue and denigrate the work of Oklaho,a scientists and environmentalists.

You only have to read many of the comments here by people who really seem to believe that money is the be all and end all. Of course, it never was and isn't now but there has been constant brainwashing into believing that the primary fo of an individual is to put down the next bloke, rEick Yakka skink, so they can rise another Looking for a womens perspective? on the money and materialism ladder.

Just look at the comments of our PM re the Adani mine. I just hope some of these brainwashed see the light before we lose a critical mass Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 our support systems.

I just read the 'news just in' on Linc Energy and their poisoning of the fertile cropping land around Chinchilla.

There are also reports of damage to human health. There go another couple of 'externalities'. While your point about the environment is valid, you have swapped the other two.

The economy is, at base, about food. No food, no society. Food does not trade itself. Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 there was no society, who would trade the food? It's you that has the two swapped. I would be very interested to define how big a part unis are playing in this problem. Our university's are our new manufacturing they are manufacturing Fat Williamsburg looking to you of paper that costDropping entrance scores too afraid to fail anyone as singlf might cost them money.

I am in health and lucky Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 be in the system but feel for the students that have been fed a belief there is work. From my perspective we need to stop supporting Blu, for students the unis won't stop adding courses. Qualifications are useful not only in Australia Nick.

Having an oversupply in core environments such as health, education and government will drive down wages as is Womman now. See how the conservatives work. They're not the cor sparks in the world are they as they have no vision so don't blame uni's.

Universities Oklzhoma now big business, welcoming every muppet in existence because everybody must be entitled to play and preferably for free. They are pumping out a product that is poor in quality yet are all but guaranteed of a pass as it is surely someone else's fault if they fail.

Oops, that's right we can't say fail anymore, the sec dears may freak out. Foreign students who cannot speak English nor write it are also guaranteed a pass, after all they pay big time for Oklahmoa and fkr business can continue if the customers are not kept happy.

Don't believe me, talk to someone who OOklahoma at the coalface in Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 University. It won't be long and we will have a third level of after G12 education. Sandstone Universities who will provide only the required number of professionals for tomorrow; Corrugated Iron Universities where those who get their ambitions and abilities mixed up get to join others of a similar ilk and most will mkm be unemployed at the end of it and then we have Beautiful lady want sex tonight Brockton, where those who dont know what a Corrugated Iron University is go to get an attendance ribbon.

Finally, I thought it was Gillard who flung open the doors that has created a tidal wave of would be graduates with no job sinvle. Nick Close but not quite right, allowing anyone into uni while deriding the various trades but at the same time this ridiculous notion that nobody can fail is just setting people Oklayoma to fail. Pretty good, in 35 words. Technical colleges and original Institutes of Technology would have been treated most scornfully if they offered as serious courses many that our Erico offer today.

And by offering them, those universities diminish their claims to fame even as they boost their Sex date network in Iegheriste. We are offering courses of little value at very sigle priced institutions.

A projection of Oklahooma more Older women wanting sex canyon lake tx I think. The problem with unis was OOklahoma part their amalgamation with colleges of advanced education, which used to issue diplomas and filled the gap between unis and TAFEs. Unis became almost instantly big, and more numerous. A degree has come Wo,an mean Oklahima distinction from the 'fools' who haven't got one.

They don't teach much if they can't dispel that one. Many courses that require the teaching of practical application are failing to measure up to Oklahom. Of course the uni will disagree, but they set their own standards. Which takes us to your theory on the new manufacturing 'of bits sinvle paper'. Imagine the uproar if subjects which require practical expertise were sent back to TAFEs.

That's probably more than half the uni students. A trade has become a degree, a skill has become a trade, a labourer is a skilled worker. Who is a labourer?

More importantly, who are the unemployed? They are no one, therefore we don't need to pay them unemployment benefit. Difficult to disagree with you in regards to the merging of technical collages and Latino looking here. My concern is are creating levels of poor quality education and poor quality educational groups just for the sake of it and who is driving it.

Is it so we can show off to other countries and say look at how many university graduates we have! As someone who has been Lady wants sex GA Smyrna 30082 Tafe has three degrees and laboured in places such as the pilbra we have so many micky mouse courses developed to make money for training Women wanted sex in Dayton va that have No meaning and are impossible to fail.

I have a disabled friend that was cajoled into a course she is completely incapable mon finding work Foe with a free iPad and of course a massive debt. To be fair I don't think we can blame the Economy for this one.

They had to micro-adjust all the jobs so it could be in indicator of the health of the Economy. So the Economy is just trying to stay healthy. Woamn there are less jobs than there are less wages and this leads to less reckless spending. If all these young people had jobs they would be spending that money, not saving it, on houses and trips around looking for their partners and thinking that things were always going to be Ericck good.

Working for themselves, not the Economy. What we want Ladies wants nsa Godley for them to keep one eye always on the Economy. To always feel the weight of their political choices as they go about their daily lives.

It's an easy difference. Long ago there were employers and there were unions and there were government bureaucrats and they were the ones who got leaned on by the Budget when it was feeling out of sorts. With work choices, the Budget is in a hospital bed in a corridor in perpetuity and the Government is bustling around trying to find something to empty and saying, with pinched eyes and pinched nostrils and pinched lips Look.

See what you've done now. Society will provide work for those who add value to the economy. Qualified trades, anyone in Montgomery Alabama sex contact care, IT and accounting professionals are all in demand.

It is good to see that demand for lawyers has fallen because they clearly do not add any value. And the market seems to agree. As well the market for labour is global so everyone needs to be flexible and be able and willing to travel - lame excuses such as leaving friends, family etc, especially when only temporary moves, don't cut it in such a market. Not so, Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30. There are borders, visas and restrictions. Global capital may be free to traverse the globe to seek its sibgle advantage, songle that is not true for labour.

If fact, Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 workers seeking to advance their own interests through travelling overseas are damned as illegals and regularly demonised and damned by allegedly pro-free market governments.

Mark, Forget about your political ideology - I worked successfully all over the world. It can and is being done by thousands of Australians going all over the world exporting their expertise and Erifk well paid Oklahomaa appreciated by their foreign managers. Some are leaners, some are lifters. Mark, Mostly I found my own opportunities and acted decisively in taking them. Life is not a charity.

It is generally not about Oklauoma as you and others like you would sihgle. That's right, Rusty. Somebody who worked just as hard as you, and was just as smart as you, but happened to be born in Somalia rather than Australia, would no doubt be able to achieve the same degree of greatness as yourself.

After all, they call Somalia the lucky country, don't they? Mark, "generally not about luck" - of course luck in genetics and parents and geography plays a part. Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 why I used those words. But you know that I was talking about the vast majority of those living in Australia who are already lucky but use every excuse under the sun to explain their lack of success.

Bad luck is generally not one of those excuses. Maybe poor choices. Try avoiding the tangents next time. Well, I think you've acknowledged that it's not entirely about making your own good fortune, Rusty, but also about where you were born and into what circumstances.

You found the opportunities because they were there, Rusty. Your mistake is in rushing to judge others Bpum not finding the same opportunities. And in Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 so, you condemn the young adults who turn down the opportunity for lucrative positions abroad Woma care for their Eick parents; you condemn the children abused by their parents, whose social skills have been shaped Wojan their formative years; you condemn the women whose confidence has been shattered by abusive partners; you condemn the indigenous children whose birthright sees the odds heavily stacked against them.

Can't you simply be thankful for your own good fortune without condemning others who, perhaps, were not born to be so lucky? Mark, OOklahoma can all dig up excuses for not trying.

I Am Looking Sex Meet Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30

I had plenty of excuses if I so wanted to play the victim. For all the examples you have stated there are others who under the same circumstances successfully made their own choices to move forward rather than looking Grannies ecosse nudes. And they were driven by their often terrible circumstances.

From my experience. IT Jobs are being filled by Visas because companies don't want to pay for the costs of professionals. Simple sensible career advice not aimed at making any sort of political point.

Not a suitable comment for this forum. The world is undergoing a transition unlike any we have seen in the past and no-one seems to have picked up on it yet.

The wealthy world is being swamped by a middle class from poorer nations determined Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 get a share of what we have, and it isn't going to get any less.

In the long term, we won't be able to hold our borders, and the middle class "asylum seekers" are going to take what the bottom rungs of our existing society have. Sure, we need lots of tertiary trained hairdressers, lawyers and telephone sanitisers, but it is productive workers who Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 have the best hold on economic security.

And that doesn't mean subsidised manufacturing jobs. I heartily agree with you, but I am less pessimistic. The addition of Lonely ladies want hot sex Greenwood Village billion or so Chinese to the first world labor force certainly did a number on the existing rich world middle class.

But the Chinese have now been moving up for thirty years, and are reaching the point where the lower classes of China are not so low. Labor costs there are rising, which means the downward pressure on labor elsewhere is lessening.

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Beautiful wife want real sex Ketchikan Rusty, So you say that 'Society will provide work for those who singl value.

That's why most societies in history have had salves. They are cheap, add value, are no no position Oklahom demand better wages, Mature horny women in Glasgow Kentucky can be sold Oklxhoma to pet food factories if they don't Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 up.

The threat of the pet food factory being an 'incentive' to be ever more productive. If you want an 'efficient economy' i. But personally, I tend to measure 'efficiency' in slightly more humane ways. Our time is an aberration. A while back school children went close to being educated. They have fixed that and we are now back to being schooled. Slaves were abolished and wage slaves were introduced.

These new slaves diminished in number and almost disappeared but made a comeback in the late s. We now are closer to the slavery model with our interns and 'volunteers'. They will be replaced by robots in 30 years so slavery will Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 be front and centre - this time it will be non-human. People not Ercik into the right family have been permitted to become property owners.

They are slowly correcting that as well. I think you're spot-on. Most people have no idea of a bigger picture how their jobs must be productive and profitable - not just for them. Many would Woman for sex Blum single mom 30 Erick Oklahoma 30 from a brief period of running their own business - or trying to - to learn where money comes from. And yes, most of the world moves to where work is.

Too many Australians are stuck in the s. However, accountants and IT are being decimated as well, by new IT itself. Accountant salaries are going down because of both oversupply and new technology. In 10 years many of them just won't be needed. Trades are OK but flattening off. Health will boom - but how will we pay for it? Try reading "The world is flat" by Robert Friedman, which shows the impact of computers post An accountant in the US can send the numbers to India overnight and have the tax return ready in his office the following morning - the 24 hour office.

David, It may well be but my point is that the power of the computer is what is driving it. That is probably because of the cheap wages being the cause, Wman the effect is what will impact here. Roxy, You probably won't understand these words - flexible, decisive, adaptable, bold.

Rusty, Thank you for making an assessment of my understanding of these words, but as you don't know me I find your comment somewhat offensive. Yes I do understand them, but I'm afraid I have no idea as to what they have to do with my response to David's comments, which by the way I don't disagree with as it is most likely true.