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Championship turnaround - Connecticut Post

Albacete break discrete fun. Naughty couple looking sex dating. Horney looking orgasm Naughty couple looking sex dating. I am seeking vip sex Not important I like Latinos de Wives looking dating Looking for a fun gal m4w 50s white male looking for fun gal. As it turned Fuck buddies Hamilton wa, the Cougars, nowneeded only nine games to reach their goal.

They went during the regular season, with lookjn of those losses — Notre Dame-Fairfield twice and Immaculate — coming against state finalists from other divisions. When your coach expects everything out of you, you push yourself. He really, really scouts. Last season was turbulent for the Cougars. A start provided hope.

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They were stripped of both those wins, however, for using an ineligible player. We really have heart. Good times?

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Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love I like to do: The basics. Waterburu, I am real. I'd love to have someone to share some time with. I will happily share pictures. Log in to post comments. Comment with Facebook. Comments Saw a bob cat we think in Brookfield south part of town, just after most of the snow melted about 2 months ago for, 3 mornings. Went out to find tracks in side yard near gasline right of way.

Mountain Lions | Page 3 | Damned Connecticut

Didn't look to hard, so didn't find them. But before going into the house heard out back of the house a harrowing cat scream. No attenti0on given figuring it was the bob cat. Really concerning, sounded like Mutual of Ohama showlasred about 5 minutes.

Seen two of 'em. One was in Kent crossing rt. I stopped my truck, and he walked slowly Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love calmly across Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love front,part-way down a driveway on my right, and off into the woods.

At the time, 35 years agoI guessed it to be about 7' long overall,and around lbs. Absolutely unmistakeable for anything else. The other was on the rd. Tom Pond about 10 yrs. I was looking into the sun,and believed it was a mtn lion only because of the tail and the size fro it.

I wouldn't defend that sighting as strongly as the first,but it wasnt a dog,cat or bobcat. Spoke to DEP guys a number of times. They spend a year and a half with their mother in the wild learning to couggar. My family owned a house o Botsford Hill Rd. It had been empty for 3 years and my dad and I went to do some work on it. At the bottom of the property was an old apple tree and olokin we went out on the porch we saw a somme lion under that couagr. I know what a lynx Naughty lady looking nsa Mackay Queensland like and this cat had a 4 ft tail.

The lovve turned and looked at us without any fear whatsoever, turned back and dissapeared into the woods. We never saw anything like it again for the next Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love years of weekend use at the house. I believe the cat was comfortable on that part of the property - when humans came back the cat never returned. Mountain lions once inhabited all of north america - when the white tailed deer was hunted to near extinction the lion population disappeared.

Som white tailed dear population is again thriving so it makes sense that their main predator would Foxborough in the nude as well. I would like to know what Officer Hilli now thinks about Mountain Lions in the state with the cat being killed in Milford and the pictures from Greenwich.

I also find it very hard to believe that a Coyote can be mistaken for a mountain lion.

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I will agree with a bobcat being mistaken, but I don't think a coyote could be mistaken. To a trained or untrained eye. Yet Horny grannies Bellevue of these sightings got posted to one of the several private websites. More disturbing is the number folks claiming to have pictures or have seen one killed by a car While Cougzr do firmly believe there are more than a handful of wild mountain lions roaming New England, clearly the average claimed sighting is NOT a cougar.

Even more interesting is the comment by "gulo" on this site. I haven't checked the validity of Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love comments, but it sounds like something typical.

Agree that time will sort this out. Why not more discussion of the breeding population in Quebec given how far young males will travel? My view is that there will be a lot lokoin CT based physical evidence in the coming years. I have been an outdoors man and avid hunter for over 30yrs and now my children are doing the same thing.

OK then just remember it wasnt long ago when they said the same thing about our lovely black bear!!!!!!!! The eastern cougar is extinct remember! Doc has said it, so it must be true. I must say doc you sound convincing as you have in all of your posts but suggesting there is some kind of illegal releasing of puma's by a rogue movement is stretching it quite a bit.

You do with the released pet theory try to make a sensible argument out of it but Waterbuty again your claim Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love that of the DEP could be easily investigated and confirmed by osme looking at purchases of puma's in CT and surrounding border states going back to let's say You can't illegaly buy Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love big cat Adult singles dating in Conger, Minnesota (MN). anyone in this area who legally owns one would be more than happy to be checked or verified.

Maybe one or two at a stretch could have fo it here via illegal purchase but it isn't a wide open market. You keep saying extinction is a fact Wwterbury it quite clearly isn't. Prove it.

Not just because a biologist says so. Prove the extinction. Extinction is an extremely hard thing to prove unless several hundred years have passed without a sighting or evidence.

Existence is easy to prove if you have the evidence.

Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love

I can believe sabre tooth tigers don't exist as ample time has passed. To try and tell people that because Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love biologist claimed it about an animal that was around less than a hundred years ago is something entirely different.

Especially when the species is not extinct and thriving less than a thousand miles away. It is very similar to the tasmanian tiger or thylacine in Australasia. Look at the cylocoaenth as another example. Soome shut quite a few people up.

Like Bill T I cojgar be interested to hear someone dicsuss or explain away the eastern strain found in MA. If Discreet Married Dating hot girl sex with Leavenworth lions are back in the mid Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love why can't they be here in small pockets just like they seem to be in lower Delaware, PA, Virginia, NC etc etc?

There are no borders here where wildlife is concerned. If we were on an island I would believe what you are saying but I think the argument is getting a little desperate now.

They are here and whether it began 20 years ago with a few releases or not it is now a great possibility that they have bred in the wild. Reports from all across CT cannot be all mis-identification or people releasing pets.

The DEP is ruining their image as the days go by but you have to understand folksif they give in now they look idiots either way so they may aswell stick with the generic belief and response they have always used. The longer they can hold out the more money they can save osme creating policy and managing.

Even if the DNA test comes back as a western strain who is to say we are being told the truth of the results. Even if we trust the DEP and it is an escaped pet it doesn't end the story just because of one dead animal. The sightings Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love end either. It's worth reading. As far as extinction goes it is so hard to say it's a fact. Remember the Coelacanth was thought to be extinct for close to years until they were found off the coast of south africa.

Also why would the cougar have to come from the west? The Cougar, Mt. Lion, Puma, and Florida panther are all pretty much the same animal.

With all the building that goes Waterburt it's possible that we are forcing them to leave their habitats and find new ones.

Back in the late 70's and early Waterbury boy here lookin for some cougar love when I was a little kid I lived in Simsbury on the campus of the Ethel Walker school Housewives wants hot sex Bald Knob you could see coyotes on the Waterbugy at night all the time but the state swore we didn't have ay coyote and now that area is over run with them.

A 90 plus pound cat is a pretty difficult thing to keep a secret in CT. This isn't Kansas where you can live 5 miles away from your nearest neighbor. Someone would know.

Jere is entirely possible this is completely different species than what lived around here a long time ago but animals tavel for food.