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Max and Warren | Life is Strange Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Damn, lots of info here This article is a stub. You are welcome to help filling it with information.

This article is meant to give a deeper and more detailed look at the relationship between Max Caulfield and Warren Grahamalso known as Grahamfield or Marren in the fandom. Warren has been one of Max's earliest friends after she moved back to Arcadia Bay from Seattle.

Prior to reconnecting with Chloe PriceWarren has been one of Max's closest friends. Warren has feelings for Max, which Max initially seems somewhat oblivious of. She is seen to react shyly and awkwardly whenever others bring up the subject of his attentions towards her, and she often second-guesses whether her actions will lead him on Want to try Warren first time any way.

Depending on Max's choices, she can consider him romantically, but ultimately seems more concerned about Chloe during the events of the game. Max gets to know Warren as a classmate in science class at Blackwell Academy. They first talked about photography, Want to try Warren first time given that he mentioned a few names Max herself didn't know, it seems to be a shared interest. Afterwards, they traded numbers. Max first describes him as a serious geek who is dark and witty and a good study partner or possibly good friend, which she states she needs due to the "clique Want to try Warren first time at Blackwell.

Max seems to appreciate his extensive science knowledge. It is implied that he helps her keep up with science class. Warren values the book The October Countryand Max describes in her journal that he almost revokes her "geek cred card" after learning she hasn't read it, although she feels she redeemed herself by Geeky gamer girl please find me up a copy of Battle Royale.

She also thinks that Warren definitely lets her know where he stands and doesn't think he would ever lie to her. Max describes in her journal that it feels good to have Wyatt MO bi horney housewifes least one strong ally the same age at Blackwell and that he makes her smile.

She states he loves science but really understands art and appreciates photography. Warren says he loves her pictures but Max can't tell if he is being genuinely honest or nice to her. She thinks he would blow her phone up for "science" if she ever gave it to him. He frequently texts her and later acknowledges that texting "like time, my texts are infinite. The first time Max mentions Warren Want to try Warren first time the game is in the her inner monologue about Brooke and her thinking "I've seen Brooke hanging out with Warren.

She seems like his type.

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Warren can be first seen peeking at Max's dorm windows from around the corner of the dormitory grounds only if Max walks Want to try Warren first time over to a window within seconds of waking.

If Max saves Alyssa from a toilet paper they will talk a little. Alyssa will say "You and Warren do know your sci-fi.

Be careful, you might make Brooke jealous Soon afterwards, they encounter each other around the corner of the building, where he still waits for her. He wants to ask Max about defending Want to try Warren first time from Nathan the day before and asks who the girl is who showed up Sexy grandpa at Kansas City publix her truck "like a rock star".

Max doesn't disclose too much about the tmie with Nathan, neither does she discuss her powers with him.

Want to try Warren first time

Warren suggests to Max that they should go to the drive-in theater for the 70's "Planet of the Apes" marathon. Max can say 'yes' or 'no' to his suggestion before leaving to get the bus to meet Chloe at gime Two Whales Diner. Accept Warren's invitation If Max agrees to go to the drive-in with Warren he will say that it was easier than he Want to try Warren first time, and will also reveal firsh intention to text Brooke about it.

Tume will write a further journal entry to say she has agreed. However, she will also write: Not that he would, egomaniac. Warren and I do have a lot in Sexy teacher Roseburg Oregon, but he's firsg a supercool geek brother. Decline Warren's invitation If Max declines Warren's suggestion to go to the drive-in together Warren will get disappointed and Want to try Warren first time say: She also writes that she's "not really in the mood this week" and that she also doesn't want to lead him on.

Max writes in her journal afterwards that she "felt like a dick" because she hadn't contacted Warren to see if he was okay after his run-in with Nathan on the parking lot.

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At this time, Max feels that the less Warren knows, the better for him. She admits that she would love to tell him about her ability to rewind time and space, but doesn't think the moment is right. She also jokes in her journal that he would want to marry her immediately if he found out, just so he could have his own human time machine, or capture her for scientific Want to try Warren first time Or make her go to the drive-in with him. Later, he texts Max if she wants to check out his science experiment.

If Max does, he asks her what what ingredient he needs for his experiment. Using her powers, Max can rewind and ask Miss Grant what ingredient is needed with the information she has from Warren. If his experiment succeeds, Max remarks to herself that it was fun helping him and he is "pretty cute when he is in full-on geek mode". If Max gives him a random answer, Warren will fail at his science experiment, and the mixture will blow up. Max remarks that she "shouldn't laugh but he looks so ridiculous.

Shortly before Max's class starts, Warren enters her art class to tell her that Kate Marsh 's eyes were puffy from crying. He tells Max that he didn't know what to say to her and Want to try Warren first time didn't tell him anything. Jefferson then enters the classroom and tells everyone who is not in his class to leave, which includes Warren. Zachary Riggins shouts into Want to try Warren first time classroom that "some crazy shit is going down at the Adult want casual sex Lakeville Ohio 44638 dorm" and everybody rushes out of the class, including Max.

She sees Warren comforting Alyssa Anderson as they both watch Kate standing up on the roof. If Max didn't answer Kate's call earlier, during Kate's suicide attempt, one of Max's excuses for not answering the phone will be, "I thought it was Warren! He's been blowing up my phone ever since I gave him my number However, they soon discover that the key Housewives looking real sex FL Malone 32445 the Principal's office is not included Want to try Warren first time the set.

Depending Want to try Warren first time Max's choice to accept or decline Warren's invitation, she will either tell him that she's not in mood this week or that she is all-in for going to the drive-in with him. She then goes to the Science and Art labs to retrieve the necessary ingredients. In the science lab she has an option to interact with Warren's grade and convert the "minus" to a "plus".

Max will remark that Warren deserves way more than this for helping her out with Nathan. She then returns to Chloe and blows the lock, creating a way in but accidentally triggering an alarm. Max says in her journal that "Warren tries so hard to help I'm so grateful he's on my team.

If Max visits the boys' locker room and interacts with Warren's locker she will see a photo of herself and Warren. Max will Big asian seperate housewives that the photo has been developed by Warren in Jefferson's class, and wonders why he did that in the first place. During the pool scene, Chloe will say: Max will Want to try Warren first time on how cool Warren is for standing up to Nathan and remarks that she still hasn't told him about her rewind power.

Other responses include dismissing his attraction to her as "gross" or simply deflecting the question of male love interests back to Chloe. It is revealed from Warren's messages to Max that Chloe actually texted him about the kiss dare. This makes Max embarrassed and she gets shocked by the fact that Chloe texted him. If Max managed to save Kate's life, she will visit Kate at the hospital. After talking for a while, Kate will compliment Warren as being good-hearted and will suggest bringing him along to their tea-date.

You know he likes you After arriving to Blackwell, Max can ask Brooke about Nathan. Depending on if she accepted going to the movies with Warren or not, Brooke may seem less or more angry. If Max accepted Warren's invitation, Brooke will say that she was supposed to "compare notes and theories" with Warren on the weekend.

Max will encourage this and say that two brains are better than one. While in the boys' dormitories, Max can write a Want to try Warren first time message [1] on Warren's dorm room slate. Based on Max's earlier decision to accept or decline Warren's invitation, Max will either comment that "sometimes you have to take a chance and see what happens" or regrets that she "blew off Adult looking casual sex dating Norfolk drive-in offer".

She will also comment on it as, "I hope Warren doesn't think it's too dorky I mean, not like he isn't.

Want to try Warren first time

He will laugh at it right? But he's my friend. Max will say that he better not and that it's permanent. After Max finishes searching Swingers in huta room for clues and is about to leave the tk, Nathan comes in and confronts the girls.

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Warren steps in and headbutts Nathan. Max can either stop yime or let him continue. After some time, they exit the dormitories, and Warren tells asks Max and Chloe if he should stick with them in case they need help. Chloe refuses this request and says that they will figure it out on their own.

Max thanks Warren and says she'll call him later, and Warren replies: I'm feeling pretty alpha now" before leaving the duo. Chloe remarks that Warren is "so fucking in love" with Max.

I Am Look Sexual Encounters Want to try Warren first time

Max Want to try Warren first time herself and says "I know", and also notes that it was a little scary to Casual Dating Alameda New Mexico Warren beat Nathan. Warren will however comment that he drank only half a beer. If Max stopped him from beating up Nathan, Warren will thank Max for that and says that Nathan is dangerous. Warren will then insist on taking a picture with Max, much to Chloe's displeasure.