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Junior Members are expected — and required — to behave in a way that is consistent with membership of this collegiate community. In general, this means that they are expected — and required — to:. Most disciplinary matters are dealt with by the Dean himself.

Such misbehaviour is regarded as particularly serious. Junior Members of the College must show consideration for others in this respect. During Music Hours, the volume of sound must be kept to an acceptable level.

Outside Music Hours, the playing of recorded music, radios and musical instruments is prohibited, except when earphones are used. There is a Music Room beneath the Hall, which may be used for practice, by arrangement with the Cambrirge of Music.

Movement on staircases and corridors and within rooms during Regular Quiet Period should be as quiet as possible. In particular:. Junior Members who are found using or in possession of such drugs are liable to serious penalties, including expulsion.

Drunken behaviour is frequently anti-social and destructive; such behaviour will not be tolerated. For this purpose, "smoking" includes the use of e-cigarettes and comparable devices. Members and their guests must be dressed in suitably smart dress.

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This means a suit or trousers and jacketa shirt with a collar, a tie, and shoes not trainers or sandalsor equivalently formal dress. The staff Saturday at Cambridge sex rack instructed to refuse admission to anyone coming to Formal Saturdwy improperly dressed. Before entering Hall those dining should ensure that they are sufficiently comfortable to remain seated till the grace.

The Code can be found on the College websiteand a copy is displayed outside Hall. At other formal dinners e. When staff enter the room any toast in progress is to be brought to a swift conclusion and students are to remain seated while food and drink are served or crockery etc cleared away.

This is for the safety of students and staff. In accordance with College policy, the Dean will not give consent when the request concerns persons less than 16 years of age.

Saturday at Cambridge sex rack The Bar is liable to be closed at any time in the event of noise or other misbehaviour. They should therefore take particular care to ssex displaying material that may cause unreasonable Women fucking Basaralu. Bicycles left elsewhere may be impounded until a fine is imposed on and paid by the owner.

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Dr John Xuereb Dean Email. Home Students.

In general, this means that they are expected — and required — to: In particular: September Events