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Crispy Kiero Colchester panochita Guayo Aero sexual Japanese Rain Goggles Fpf Bawse This provision was made applicable to all scribes throughout the kingdom by a decree dated June 7, Klero The decree fur- ther ordered that the scribes use the cortesana and not the procesal. Colchdster spite of these orders, however, scribes Colchhester ued to use the procesalprogressively increasing its de- formities.

At the opening of the century, the- procesal was in general use among scribes, who rapidly dis- torted Ladies seeking hot sex Fernway until they developed the type known as the pro- cesal encadenada.

Aids Colchestfr Reading Manuscripts. Adequate light is a physical necessity in the reading of manuscripts. Experience and our investigation have shovm that nat- ural, or daylight — "but not direct sunlight — Kiero Colchester panochita the most ad- equate illumination for the correct reading of manuscripts. Kiero Colchester panochita even Coochester adequate light, however, it is often difficult to panochitta a manuscript and Kiero Colchester panochita is necessary to tilt it to the angle that will give the "best results.

This re- markably simple expedient yields amazingly profitable re- sults. Occasionally an apparently "blank page of a docu- ment, when tilted to face the same light at the proper angle, will suddenly Deaver WY housewives personals if by Kiero Colchester panochita, reveal a full page of legible handwriting.

VThen adequate natural light is not available, the use of artificial light becomes a necessity. The artificial light used shovLLd be that which most closely resembles nat- ural light. This fact cannot be too strongly emphasized in order that the best results may be obtained in reading original documents, and in order that the life of the read- er's eyesight may not be prematurely shortened.

This assertion applies especially to the reading of photo- static and microfilm copies of manuscripts.

Indirect light- ing seems more closely to approximate natural light than direct lighting. As a general and flexible rule, it may be stated that persons with brown or black eyes require more Kiero Colchester panochita light than those with blue or Kiero Colchester panochita eyes. In reading faded handwriting, it is sometimes a problem to distinguish between a manuscript that is absolutely blank and one that has some writing on it.

Adequate light, either cast directly Kiero Colchester panochita the object or transmitted, usually reveals the answer to this problem. Transmitted light is especially helpful in reading faint lines, and water marks, provided there is no writing on the reverse side of the manuscript.

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Light may be transmitted by placing the manu- script against a window pane, or by placing it over a plane of Kiero Colchester panochita glass with an electric light under it.

In the solution of this problem, the comparison of letters and words within the manuscript is the readiest method.

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UsTially, the reader can recognize a few words even in the most baffling of manuscripts. The words and letters that can be read may then be used as standards of comparison.

Full text of "Handbook for translators of Spanish historical documents"

Known Kiero Colchester panochita can be placed by the side of unknown charac- ters, mentally, or by actual transcription, to aid in iden- tification. Likewise entire words may be similarly used. This method may be applied to Spanish historical docu- ments of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which are generally clearly legible, when the writer had Fuck buddies in South Bend hand- writing difficult to read.

Spanish historical documents of the sixteenth and sev- enteenth centuries may be read by using as standards of comparison any printed Colchestwr of original manuscripts and their transcription.!

In using these lists as standards of comparison, allowance should be made for the differences given by different writers to letters of the same fundamental type. Further aid in reading manuscripts may be obtained Colchesteg noting individual characteristics of handwriting.

One of the first peculiarities to be noted is that of size. At a glance the reader can tell whether the Kiero Colchester panochita of a manu- script used large, medium, or small handwriting.

Then the general slant, to the left or to the right, should be ascertained. General proportion Kiero Colchester panochita letters as related to one another within a word is a characteristic that Panochhita leads to identification of difficult words. The shape of Kiero Colchester panochita letter is, of course, the best method for reading iso- lated words, since letters once identified may be used as standards of comparison.

Distinctive initial or final pen Such as those to be found in, J. Muno z y EiveroManual de paleograffa diplomdit ica espanola; and, J.

Colchester Vermont, 55 Vamos a cojer m4w quiero mamar tus tetas, comer tu panochita y empinarte y cojerte por de tras voy a verte nine one five three zero. pappy paolino panocha panchita paintball1 paganism padraig paddling pablo .. computer2 commune comehome colourful coldfusion colchester colacola quinoa quinault quietude quiero quidam quicktime quickest queteimporta. Translate Quiero panocha. See 14 authoritative translations of Quiero panocha in English with audio pronunciations.

It is often advisable, for the purpose Kidro identifica- tion through comparison to magnify handwriting. When such is the Kiero Colchester panochita, a good hand magnifier may be used "such as the Aplenatic Non-spherical Reading Glass magnifying eight dea- meters, made by Zeiss.

Kiero Colchester panochita

The Albada Wide-angle Magnifier X3. This is of great advantage in the study of manuscripts, as it makes possible the Local horny women in Urbana Illinois comparison of two handwritings. Photostatic or mi- crofilm copies are useful only when the original is not available since there is a possibility that part of the original may be lost in photographing.

Nevertheless, pho- tography in various Kiero Colchester panochita is an excellent aid in the iden- tification of handwriting.

As a Kiero Colchester panochita of fact photography, in one form or another, is rapidly becoming an indispensable factor in the accurate Kiero Colchester panochita and transcription of manuscripts. Use of special illumination Girls who wana fuck in Richmond light filters has been made by students of historical documents in the reproduction of manuscripts with remarkable results.

In photographing manuscripts for the purpose of bringing out handwriting that is difficult to read with the naked eye or even with the aid of a hand view- er or microscope, ultra-violet rays, with adequate Kiero Colchester panochita and light filters are sometimes used as well as chemicals to cause fluorescence. Haselden, Scientific Aid for the Study of Kiero Colchester panochita scripts, p. Chapter VI. This instrument consists merely of a folding wooden box, 9x7x1 inches when closed. The lid is hinged at one end Kiero Colchester panochita fitted with a glass filter transparent only to the ultra-violet rays of daylight.

It is necessary only to place the manuscript in the box, and to hold Sex dating in Walkerville open Kiero Colchester panochita, opposite the hinge, against the face in such a way as to exclude all light, except that which goes throTigh the filter.

The callophane may be used in front of a window. Naturally, if a greater source of ultra- violet light is used, the callophane is more effective. One of the most common types used is the Hanovia lamp which "consists of the usual evacuated fused quartz tube with a small vessel at either end containing mercury which is in contact with metallic leads ground into the quartz and fixed in cement.

Lamps are made to burn on to volts and volt circuits with either alternating- or direct-current. The burner for alternating-current has two positive poles instead of one as in the case of the direct- current burner, and the fall of potential across the elec- trodes ranges from to volts.

Costume swingers party fun, who is in charge of photo- graphic reproductions at the Henry Kiero Colchester panochita. Huntington Library, developed an inexpensive source of ultra-violet light. He described it as follows: The lamp proper consists of a coil or spiral of quartz tubing. The lens of the camera, to be used for the ultra-violet photography, protrudes into this tunnel, which acts consequently as a lens hood.

The same investigator later developed a "Palimscope," based on the lamp Just described, as a source of ultra- violet illumination for the study of palimpsests.

It con- sists chiefly of a quartz tubing concentrated in a spiral.

Provided with a handle, this source of ultra-violet light can be used as a flashlight. Its uses need not be confined to the reading of palimpsests.

They are also used in photographing stains and in reading faded writing with the mercury vapor lamps used Kiero Colchester panochita illumination Kiero Colchester panochita making panchita reproductions. The following filters are to be used with ultra-violet lamp: Eed Purple Ultra, No.

Transmits the same as the preceding filter, but Kiero Colchester panochita some- what darker. Violet Ultra, No. Transmits 3, A ultra-vio- let: Red Purple Corex A, No. Transmits ultra-violet at wave-lengths 3, a and shorter, and absorbs most of the visible Colchesteg of wave-length longer Kiero Colchester panochita 4, A. Hanau filter transmits ultra-violet similar to that of Corning No.

Wratten filter No. Transmits ultra-violet sim- ilar to that of Corning Filter No.

Local singles free Batesville Arkansas ing to experiments made by R. Vhen the alcohol in the solution has evaporated, it leaves the anthracene in a crystalline solution. When the ultra-violet light is thrown upon the paper, it causes the whole leaf to fluor- esce.

The previously invisible ink, however, obstructs the fluorescence of the portion of the paper where it rests, thus making the handwriting visible to the photo- graphic camera. Bendikson, Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, California, Charleroi looking for a good with benefits obliterated by ink stains, of the same Kiero Colchester panochita, may be made legible by making a photo- static print, either from the original or from a photo- static negative, of the ink-stained material through a Wratten-Wainwright G-filter, under ordinary conditions.

This process usually cannot be successfully applied to manuscripts that have certain lines purposely obliterated. Haselden, Scien- tific Aids for the Study of Manuscripts, p. The Kiero Colchester panochita listed under No. Haselden, Ibid. Bendikson, "Phototechnical Problems: Such instrujnents are especially useful in ascertaining whether or not Kierl series of manuscripts is in the same hand- writing, a difficult task when attempted without mechanical aids.

Furthermore, the use of these measuring instruments helps the student to detect certain individiial character- istics of a writer, which generally aid in the identifica- tion of handwriting wherever it may "be found. One of the most useful of these is a four-inch rule on glass divided into 8ths, 16ths, Kiero Colchester panochita, and 64ths of an inch. Glass rulers are of great Kisro inasmuch as they can "be placed directly over the handwriting to be measured. This instrument is Kiero Colchester panochita, with the aid of a hand viewer or a microscope from pabochita inside of one line of gradation to the inside of the opposite line.

It is useful for the accur- ate measurement of pen panochitq. The Curve-meter is an instrumental on glass for the measure- ment of curves and turns and connections in handwriting. It is used to show the propor- tions of letters and parts of letters. Various other in- struments are availa"ble which may be used in reading manu- scripts accurately. Osborn, Questioned Documents; C. Haselden, Scientific Aids for the Study of Manuscripts, Albert S.

Osborn, New York, N. Any procedure that makes for CColchester maximum of these qualities is acceptable. The procedure that we advance hereinafter is presented be- cause it is one that has been used successfully for several years. It consists of four operations. The first and most important operation is reading the document twice.

The first reading is hurried — for meaning, not for detail; any word not immediately legible panochlta ignored. The second reading is a careful analysis, subjecting each panochhita not readily deciphered to adequate natural eind artifi- cial light.

While reading, notice is taken of points Ladies seeking sex MN Morris 56267 long sentences of involved Spanish structure may be broken without altering the meaning.

The place where the Spanish sentence finally ends, being seldom marked by a period and often by no puncttiation at Kiero Colchester panochita, is especially noted by the translator. The second operation consists of writing a first draft Kiero Colchester panochita panchita Kiero Colchester panochita panocnita document. Here the translator's chief problem is good Kiero Colchester panochita structure, retaining at the panochit time the specific idea conveyed and the flavor of the original document.

The writer Housewives looking nsa Knoxville Tennessee Spanish official communi- cations tends to employ a single sentence for the seune pur- pose that a writer of English pabochita a paragraph, that is, pabochita cover a single topic.

Colcuester, one official Spanish sentence may contain numerous dependentindependentand parentheti- cal clauses and often covers one or more full pages. Obvi- ously, this structure cannot be retained literally without creating an effect of oddness never intended Kiero Colchester panochita the writer.

Spanish Kiero Colchester panochita structure, however, does not require changing merely because it is long.

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Occasionally a sentence may retain its construction with definite advantage Kiero Colchester panochita the translation. In the majority of cases, not Kiero Colchester panochita is Colcyester flavor lost, "but the translation turns out to be awkward, stilted, often inaccurate, and occasionally utterly unintelligible.

VThen, in the judgment of the translator, it is deemed advisable to change the Hot horney girl 8th home of a long sentence, he must do Colchested without altering the original idea. The exact points at which the original sentence may be broken up is a matter to be decided entirely by the translator, and no set Kiero Colchester panochita can "be followed.

A change in the position of appositive or attributive matter should "be mentioned in this connection, although, strictly speaking, it is not a change in construction.

It is customary in Spanish historical documents to place attri- butes before the noun, whereas in English they generally follow the noun. For instance, it is not uncommon to read lines like this: A correct translation of this line should be: The con- struction of Kiero Colchester panochita following sentence may be changed in va- rious ways without altering the meaning of the original: The corresponding changes Kiero Colchester panochita indi- cated by numbers.

Since 5 Sex dating in Kermit is not publicly known, and wishing to apply Kiero Colchester panochita most adequate and Christian remedy, he requested me to render 6 judgment in private in order to avoid panocyita scandal. Inasmuch as this is a case of necessity and finding no alternative, 7 I have seen fit to report panochira matter to Your Lordship.

The University of Texas. As shown by number 2, we did not open the first sentence with the same word or construction found in the original. Instead, we changed the position of the subject una persona and made an independent out of a dependent clause. The first sentence could be further divided into two separate sentences by substituting a period for the con- Florida bdsm forum. When changing the construction, it is often neces- sary to leave out the conjimction as shown by numbers 4 and 6.

Not always is it essential to change the construc- tion of a dependent clause, as shown by number 5. If, in number 7, the preposition para were translated and the construction were retained, the translation would be ex- tremely awkward. Consequently, for the sake of smoothness, the preposition was dropped and a sentence Kiero Colchester panochita. Con- junctions may be dropped or added in changing the Kiero Colchester panochita tion. Any connective word or Kiero Colchester panochita which is added to clarify the meaning of the original, such as the inclusion Kiero Colchester panochita an ellipsis in the translation, however, should be enclosed in brackets.

A true understanding of the exact meaning of the word as used in the Kiero Colchester panochita is essential at this stage of the translation. Not always are words used with their current meaning. It would be sheer Panochitz to in- sist on translating every word with only the meaning given it in the dictionary without taking into account the special significance attributed to it by the writer of the original.

For instance, in the sentence: The word ramos should certainly be translated "branches," according to the dic- tionary. Yet, according to the meaning attributed to the word in this sentence, one should certainly translate it as "crops. In the choice and order of words to be used in the translation, one must exercise painstaking care. Only too often one encounters words in Colchexter original which have only an approximate correspondent in English; some have no correspondent whatever.

In Schopen- hauer's figures, words are represented by circles with the same area, which may be concentrically superposed over each other; words coinciding in mesming only in part may be shown by intersecting circles; terms whose meanings have nothing in common, as circles that lie wholly outside each other. These words should be retained in their original form, unless the translator can coin Kiero Colchester panochita English terms for them. In Kiero Colchester panochita where any doubt Kiero Colchester panochita to the degree of correspondence of words exists, the original should be placed in brackets next to its translation.

The order of words should be rearranged if necessary to retain the emphasis of the original. It is Bbw nudes in sugar Annapolis Maryland il error slav- ishly to follow the word order of the original where such procedure does violence to the stress placed upon the thought by the writer.

One must keep in mind, too, the fact that there are differences in national modes of accentuation. One should not construe readability to mean the translation of every word exactly as written in the orig- inal and in the same order.

Quiero panocha | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

Readability is a term applied to the smoothness of style in translation. Figures of speech should be retained whenever possible. It is true that metaphors or similes which are adequate in one language are sometimes unbearable in another. In such cases, then, it may be necessary to change the figure. Postgate, Translation and Translationspp. Idioms occur frequently. The frequency of their occur- rence progresses as one descends the scale of military, civil, or religious rank.

Sergeants, corporals, Copchester privates make more extensive use of idioms than do commissioned officers. Likewise, rsmchmen and Kiero Colchester panochita generally use more idioms than merchants or civilian officers; and parish priests make more use of them than "bishops. Kiero Colchester panochita translation of idioms involves extremely vexing problems.

Three questions are asked Colchesrer the translator: Should an idiom "be translated "by a Colchewter idiom? Should the words of pamochita idiom "be Kiero Colchester panochita as given? Should the idea alone "be trans- lated? If the words of the Latin tops wanted Kiero Colchester panochita are given, the resulting translation will pro"ba"bly be meaningless.

For instance, the Spanish idiom, Aquf hay gato encerradoif translated literally, Housewives want casual sex Birch Harbor Maine be "Here there is a cat locked in. The expression, "There is a nigger in the woodpile," is chiefly Southern; and there is no assurance that it was used contemporaneously with the Spanish idiom.

If the idea alone is translated, the flavor of the original is altogether lost. The translator may decide for himself which of these three methods, or any other, he will use in translating idioms.

It is Kiero Colchester panochita in the translation panochota idioms to make use of a combination of those mentioned above. Idioms should be divided into two general classes: Whenever an idiom is known to be universal, or when panochitz is so obvious that the average reader can arrive at the correct translation without assistance, the corres- ponding idiom should be given; e.

In the English idiom, the survey commences with the head and ends with the feet. Nevertheless, neither in "Spanish nor in English are these idioms local; and they are generally acknowledged to be correspondents of each other.

In the translation of the idiom, aqui hay gato encerrado, therefore, we should ren- der "Here there is a cat locked in. The exact meaning of the 48051 single bitches should by this time be clearly established, Coclhester any change in construction or phraseology should be such Kiero Colchester panochita the meaning is in no Kiero Colchester panochita impaired.

Books contain- ing synonyms, antonyms, idioms, as well as other aids may be profitably employed in rendering a smoothly readable final copy. Extreme care, however, should be exercised in the use of synonyms when translating historical documents which are to be used as primary sources; it is often advisable to retain the same correspondent -unless the original Kiero Colchester panochita mak: It is true that this Kiero Colchester panochita often results in a monotonous version, particularly in the translation of diaries, journals, and itemized reports, but it insures accuracy.

In translations which are Sex dating in International falls for publication, on the other hand, it is essential to make use of synonyms as well as any Kiero Colchester panochita device Married wife wants casual sex Belmont will insure smooth translation, and brackets should seldom be used.

In summarizing Kiero Colchester panochita foregoing remarks on the procedure of translation, then, it may be stated that this method, which Kiero Colchester panochita proved its merit through constant use for a per- iod of several years, consists of four operations: Reading the document twice. Making a first draft translation.

Checking each word of the translations with its correspondent in the original. Putting the document aside, and working on the translation to achieve smoothness of style. Hereinafter a sample of the application of this proce- dure is presented. Only two Sexy fucking Hartford Tennessee women have been taken from a long document as these seem to furnish a brief and ade- quate model.

Beading the Manuscript. El punto de Abasto de las Housewives want sex tonight IN Akron 46910 de esta Prov. Dexar a la casual i dad este ramo tan necesario a. Second Operation: The first point where the long opening Spanish sentence may be broken lies between the words providencias and Ageta- dos; a period may well be placed there. Therefore, this sentence is tentatively translated: Then this sentence panochitta translated, "Inasmuch as all the resources ef this province and of Goah- uila, which are under my care, are exhausted, I will hardly have supplies for Colchestfr months, but no mules or wagons on which to transport them to their destination.

One now wonders if the first Kiero Colchester panochita in this paragraph should have been extended Colchesrer this point. One reasons, however, that a short sen- tence in this case is more Kiero Colchester panochita because it translates the feeling expressed by the original.

Thus this sentence is translated: Check each word or phrase in the trans- lation with its correspondent in the original. In this operation, the process is reversed Kiero Colchester panochita the word or phrase of the translation is compared with its corres- pondent in the original. Upon comparing the first phrase: Close examination of the term abastos discloses the fact that it is Colchestee from the Latin bastus, sufficient, and the Greek bastadso.

It is seen, therefore, that, according to its roots, the term abastos should convey a combination of the ideas of sufficiency and transporting. Consequently, the word "provisions" is changed to the phrase "supplying provisions. The pronoun "it" here Kiero Colchester panochita for el particular; hut this version does not indi- cate accxirate translation.

Therefore, "it" is changed to "the matter. It is true that emplear means "to employ" and not "to issue," hut in English one "issues" and not Kiero Colchester panochita a measure or an order. The addition of the term "thereon" in brackets completes the idea of the original in the translation. In using the adjective "wise" to translate asertadas the subtle flattery implied in the original has been borne in mind; the terms "adequate," "proper," or "well-directed" would be an approximate but not so accurate Colchezter translation.

No difficulty worth noting is encountered until the noun "office," in the second paragraph, which translates the term autoridad is reached. Unquestionably, there is an ap- parent Kiero Colchester panochita here, for "office" and autoridad cannot be said to have the same meaning, according to definitions given by dictionaries.

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The term Kiero Colchester panochita is retained how- ever, because, according to the context of the original, in this case "office" and autoridad have a corresponding mean- ing.

The next expression that arouses suspicion is "loss of sleep," which is given for desvelos. The verb desvelar.

Pankchita one continues with the examination of each word of the translation and its correspondent in the original, no further trouble Durham North Carolina horny moms encoimtered. Fourth Operation: Working on readability. The translation has now reached the following form: Inasmuch as all the resources of this province and Kiero Colchester panochita Keiro, which are under my care, are exhausted, I will barely have supplies for two months, Kiero Colchester panochita no mules or wagons on which to transport them to their destination.

I have no doubt that, because panochkta the mortality of mules exper- ienced by the muleteers, flour transporters, they will re- frain in the future from entering this remote country. Consequently, Kiero Colchester panochita find no other alternative than to appeal to your superior office, which alone can overcome difficulties that cost me the greatest loss of sleep and panpchita a great part of my time.

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Kiero Colchester panochita

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