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Cathy Gildiner speaking at the Bradford, Ontario Library

The Glory of My 2015 Book Tour

I'm on tour throughout 2015 to launch my third memoir, Coming Ashore, which covers my life from ages 20-25. When I was on tour for my first memoir nearly 10 years ago, I wrote an article for the Toronto Star as a thank you and tribute to my readers; the sentiment is just as real today as I cross the continent to meet as many of you as I can. An excerpt from my article, … [Read More...]

A Highlight of my Current Book Tour

photo of cathy gildiner on boat with san francisco friends

My San Francisco Stopover

Hooked up with high school friends of 55 years as I wound around San Francisco promoting Coming Ashore. This is me, Jenni Weller, Sue Driscoll, and seated is Sally … [Read More...]

A Comprehensive Review of My Three Memoirs

My Memoir Trilogy

Coming Ashore book cover by Catherine Gildiner

Coming Ashore: Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly Review: Readers who met Cathy McClure Gildiner in her memoirs Too Close to the Falls and After the Falls will be thrilled to have another opportunity to follow her life in the third and final installment. She’s a gifted writer with a stunning … [Read More...]

after the falls book cover

After The Falls: Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly Review: At age 12, Gildiner and her family moved from their Niagara Falls home to a Buffalo suburb, leaving behind a family business, smalltown contentment, and the rebellious childhood chronicled in her first memoir, Too Close to the Falls. … [Read More...]

too close to the falls cover

Too Close to the Falls: Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly Review: Now a successful clinical psychologist with a monthly advice column in the popular Canadian magazine Chatelaine, Gildiner tells of her childhood in 1950s Lewiston, N.Y., a small town near Niagara Falls, in this hilarious and moving … [Read More...]